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Diarrhea Treatment For Babies & Children (Adults, too!)

If your children have ever been stricken with a runny tummy (and whose haven’t?) you’ve probably wondered (in between changing nappies and underwear): What’s the best diarrhea treatment for babies and children? It might surprise you to know that yoghurt … Continue reading

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Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy – 6 Surefire Tips For Prevention

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can turn an otherwise enjoyable time of your life into an uncomfortable and painful experience. What causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy? Read my previous article for more information about the primary contributing factors. Here are my 6 tips … Continue reading

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Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy – 3 Major Causes

  Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a frequent occurrence. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer from hemorrhoids before pregnancy, the possibility of them recurring during or after the birth of your baby, is increased. But the good news is that … Continue reading

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Hemorrhoids Treatments – Is Fruit Your Friend Or Foe?

Contrary to what your doctor and the drug companies may want you to believe, you can make your body absolutely invincible to hemorrhoids without drugs or surgery. A bullet-proof digestive system is easier to achieve than you might believe and … Continue reading

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Candida – Beware The Fungus Among Us

Mushrooms are a form of fungus. The blue in blue cheese is a form of fungus. Fungus makes bread rise. Fungus turns grain into beer. Fungus can be a wonderful thing – and it can be devastating to health and … Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Foods, Irradiation & Microwaves – Are You Kidding?

If you’re really serious about improving your health through nutrition (which you should be), there are 3 things I’m gonna ask you to give up – at least until the research is more conclusive: Genetically Modified Foods (GMF), Irradiated Foods … Continue reading

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Peptic Ulcer Disease – Why NSAIDS are Your Worst Enemy

If you suffer from peptic ulcer disease, it might be some small consolation to know that there has never been a better time in the history of medical science to have this painful and potentially life-threatening affliction.   Thirty years … Continue reading

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Cure Hemorrhoids – Is Stress Giving You A Pain In The Butt?

Want to cure hemorrhoids? What if I told you to that in some cases, your personality could hold the key? There are many commonly known causes of hemorrhoids – from poor dietary choices (that’s my nice way of saying too … Continue reading

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Liver Disease – What Causes Your Liver to Yelp

Liver disease can take many forms and have many causes. What are the most common causes of liver disease? You’re probably aware that an excessive intake of alcohol is a primary cause, but others include: viral hepatitis, drug abuse (particularly … Continue reading

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Cure Constipation – A Big No To Laxatives

Constipation can be mild and occasional – or an almost permanent condition, with varying degrees of severity – regardless, you need to cure constipation for your general health and wellbeing. But that doesn’t mean reaching for the laxatives.   I’m … Continue reading

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